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Samuel A. Batista Jr.
1384 Grand Concourse Apt 2B
Bronx, NY 10456
Phone: 917.304.9526, Email: samuelb101@hotmail.com

To obtain a position that will enable me to utilize my strong organizational skills, educational background and ability to work well with people.


Queens College, of the City University of New York
Bachelor of Arts-Expected date of Graduation-May 2013
Major: English
GPA: 3.28

Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY
Associate of Applied Science-May 2011
Major: English and Literature
GPA: 3.25

Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation, Sunnyside, NY January 2013 –Present
Tutor/Activities Assistant
• Tutor students grades 5-8 in all major subjects
• Assist in sports recreational activities

Queens College Bookstore, Flushing, NY Aug-Sept. 2012, Jan.-Feb 2013
Customer Service and Sales
• Answer phones to address customer inquires
• Assist customers with purchases and recommended materials

Champion Learning Center, New York, NY March 2012-June 2012
Independent Contractor
• Tutored students in Math and English grades 3-8

Tech M.D., Flushing, NY March 2010-July 2010
Computer Technician Specialist Active Internship
• Handled software backup and installation
• Repaired both Pc’s and Mac computers
• Repaired other electronic devices including: game consoles, desktops, notebooks

Secured Com Intercom and Security Systems Inc, Bronx, NY July 2008- March 2010
• Prepared, filing and mailing invoices
• Prepared and filing company finances
• Made appointments and placing orders for clients

Herbert H. Lehman High School
• Art Club, Bronx, NY
• Participated in creating and displaying many mediums of art
• Stage Crew, New York, NY
• Assisted in the building of sets for school based productions

Breast Cancer Walk 2008
Buzz For Change 2010
Hurricane Sandy Recovery Effort 2012

Fluent in Spanish
Computer Skills
Knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Explorer, Outlook


Available upon request

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40-Cover Letter

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As the final post, I believe we are allowed to speak freely.
My response to this class is that it was one of the most demanding of me besides Shakespeare and Criticism. I say it is most demanding because there was a lot of texts to get through in the allotted time frame between Mondays and Wednesdays. This however isn’t to say that it was all bad seeing as how some of the readings did help me build insight to the many stereotypes Latinos face in vast forms of media from books, to movies and the controversial video game. As for the assignments given there was definitely plenty of time to complete them all and though they were informal blog posts and formal responses I believe I have improved even more in the writing department now that I have seen “to be” verbs a bit more closely. The one thing that was a bit confusing though was the final paper, not in terms of length of course but rather the focus on the core content of it all. We had to take a look at what we found most interesting and try and focus but I could not help notice that all the texts we were given were all interwoven with the themes discussed like racialization, assimilation, identity, language etc…To focus solely on one or two segments felt a little odd because everything had a hand in building our papers and to not mention this would be downright foolish. I found all of what we did helpful because the texts have given me a new lens to see stereotypes I have never thought of before, which also has made me keep the textbook rather than returning it, our discussions with the videos were of very interesting insight and the constant repetition of practicing PIE and MLA formats has really forced me to look at my work and really see if it is organized properly with enough information. In terms of would I recommend this class, sure I would if someone were looking to explore stereotypes in society and exploring cultural identity but as a regular class I am unsure still because of the excessive amounts of readings. I do understand the readings give were to provide enough information for the final paper but also because you have read a lot of this and you want us to more or less see what you have read. However, some of us do have an overabundance of readings to complete within the same time frame and it is difficult to meet these ends. I am glad that you did not give any quizzes or exams but rather just posts and responses because not many would actually do this and I actually preferred to do blogs than attempt to study for more than half of these texts. My only suggestion is to lighten up some of the reading just some because as I stated prior it is difficult to keep up at times. I did enjoy the class very much more than you would think not because of the work but of other means. I know it sounds rather vague but I really would avoid stating it since many of my classmates have access to this for the time being so I would suggest emailing me if you would like to know what I mean. It was truly a pleasure have you as my professor this semester because although there was much to do you still tried to make our class discussions enjoyable which they usually were. I never felt like I had to really be prepared for a discussion unlike my other courses because it was more of just “give me your thoughts, honestly” and that is how I usually like to do things. I do thank you for the advice you have given as I pursue my MA and PH.D, and I hope you are still available for contact if I have any further questions. I hope you enjoy your newly acquired position at the other university and hope it is tenure track. Best of luck on your endeavors and I hope the next time we meet, it will not be as Professor to student, but fellow scholars in the ever expanding and yet the same time shrinking world (because of the economy) of academia.

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39-Miguel Piñero

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“police in stocking caps cover carry out john wayne

television cowboy law road models of new york city detective

french connection/death wish instigation ku-klux-klan mind” (48-50, 1395)

I found this poem the most compelling reading over the entire semester. Though over the course of the semester I have found readings that have hit closer to home but I found this poem more interesting because it shows that when one leave home and comes back the changes can be drastic. Changes as Piñero puts them, police officers who were once friendly and neighborly now carried their badge with more power and authority rather than the lay back type. They carried out punishment that was only seen on television, and the mentality of that of very racist individuals. The change comes as it seems because the island wants to bring up it’s status in the world. As Duany puts it, the island was treated as a whole and the locals did what was necessary to bring the island’s reputation to a more positive even if it meant losing the original identity.

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“Latino is not a Race”

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The first thing that I would like to point out is that about midway through the video, when asking the two African American young men what they would consider the people that are “Latino” to which the reporter says “Asian? Do we look Asian?” Now isn’t that he is trying to answer; that Latino people are or any race for that matter is not suppose to look a certain way but rather people from all over vary from different shades to skin tones to facial features? Is there really a defining characteristic that makes a “Asian” or “Native American”? If this were a topic of just skin tones and facial features I would argue that Latinos are of Native American descent rather than “white”. Latinos on this census form of 2010 haven’t even become a statistic but rather a gray area that is blurred between the lines of Native American, Black and White. I found this interesting because I had never thought of this before. When people come up and ask, I say where my parents are from and when it comes down to the census, I place myself now into the “other” category. When that option was/is not available, I usually note down Asian and Pacific islander. With this I feel satisfied that I have given my mother credibility and also my father because he is from an island even though it may not be from the Pacific region. As the country evolves over time, there will a constant change in how everyone perceives the other and how the census form will be filled out little by little to fully establish one’s identity under the government statistic.


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Race & Ethnicity

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This video is more particularly interesting because of a few reasons, one being of how society perceives me based on my skin color and the other being once people find out where my parents come from, I am usually asked who do I identify with the most. Just the Chinese and Italian man spoke that he identifies mostly with Italian he is tempted at times to say he is part Chinese. I find this interesting because he has made a choice as to who he identifies more with, and that is his Italian mother. This strikes a very interesting chord with me, because as I said I have been asked this question many times but the answer still remains the same, I identify with both equally. The reason being that although I spend more time with my Chinese side of the family and I am relatively closer with them, I feel that my Dominican side makes me who I am because it is what has allowed me to speak freely in Spanish with relatives from my father side and with my mother. Speaking Spanish gives me a sense of the full unique identity and if someone would ask if I had to choose one, I would not answer but rather walk away because it took both to make me who I am.

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“Imploring Failures Through Latino Dropouts”

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Again, another statistic for not only Latinos but also African Americans. Its a little offensive that when comparing statistic that 55% of African Americans graduate high school on time and Latinos 52%  while Caucasians are shown with the highest statistic of 78% graduate on time. Whether these numbers are accurate or not, it seems rather offensive because African Americans are the highest number but rather the video I interpret it as an attack on the Latino population of its title: “Imploring Failures Through Latino Dropouts”. This title seems to be placing the blame solely on Latinos and it is really sad because it seems Latinos are still trying to learn. Immigrants come from other countries in search of a better life but there are circumstances that makes students drop out. It is certainly sad that this is happening and although I am part of the success statistic the question that CNN I believe poses very subtly is will Latinos match up the Caucasians?


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Latino Statistics

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The discussion of a high school drop out is usually very interesting because the ones who are usually looked to and to blame for the nation’s downturn of education are usually the Latinos. The sad part of the video is that the students are seen as just simple statistics rather than human beings or kids that need help. I applaud this man because he has created an organization that allows Latinos or in general kids to stay in school while setting an example for those younger children in grade school. The approach taken to set high school students up as a role model is something I haven’t seen explored till now. As a college student, I tutor on the side and after witnessing first hand that it is not only Latinos that have trouble but kids overall, I have made sure to maintain a role model image though I am not expected to. I find very interesting at the end of the video that the media calls it a crisis, a word used to really get people to open their eyes to Latinos. Almost seen as a ploy to feel sympathy, but interesting all the same.


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In this paper, I would like to show the levels of racialization that exist in other countries based mostly on the color on someone’s skin and its effect on their social and economic mobility. The goal of this paper is to show that racialization does not only exist in the U.S. as many would like to think but rather it exists more so with harsher levels of brutality in Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The two articles I have chosen are that of Rivera and her discussion of the people of Puerto Rico choosing to go as far as to reproduce with lighter partners in an effort to “better the race”, and Duany’s article of the essence of the people who choose to do what Rivera states but instead of the race it is more for the better of the country. I will show connections between these two articles and Pietrie’s “Puerto Rican Obituary” and Piñero’s “This Is Not The Place Where I Was Born” along with the short film Shades of the Border. The connections all of these pieces of text and media have in common are the measure people go in order to raise their status and better themselves whether it be for self preservation or for the actual good of the nation.

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“At the Greyhound bus station, at airports, at silent warfs the bodies exit the craft. women, men, Children; cast out from the new paradise” (Herrera 1685)

This quote says that from airports to bus stations, people of all types of ethnic and cultural background were being forced out. Men, women and children are being cast out sick or not, able or unable from the place the new place they call home. This new paradise is the place where these people have come to escape for a life of freedom and opportunity, for a brand new fresh start. The message here from Herrera is that immigrants are continually not welcomed or rejected from the places they have risked their lives for.  A paradise is not a place to be cast out from but a place to actually make one’s getaway just as they advertise on trains and buses yet it with regard to any age or sex, health disability or not immigrants are cast out from this so called paradise to being searching for another life.However, what doesn’t seem to add up as stated prior, if this is the place where most people choose to escape why up root them and throw them out? Isn’t this technically what the advertisement has been all about? Is this the “American Dream” that has been shown countless times?

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Rally or Excuse

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The above video shows a lot of young kids leaving school or simply not attending in order to rally against the law that was about to make illegal immigrants turned to outlaws. Though what the reporter states that people will view these kids as trying to get out out of school, I actually see them for trying to stand up for themselves and pursue equal rights which is what this country is all about. The U.S. claims that this is a land of opportunity for all yet they are trying to force illegal immigrants back out, force them into outlaws because of a notion of trying to steal jobs and such. I believe this untrue, if anything some Americans just simply have too much pride to take some of the lower end jobs and the immigrants have no shame because where they come from they are not many jobs to go around to begin with. I do applaud the students for at least being able to control themselves and with the help of the department it never accelerated to a rally that got out of hand. What I do find a little intriguing is the repeated phrase of “a better life”” viva la raza”, which goes back to what Rivera states what the original purpose of what some Puerto Ricans do, they are trying to better their race by certain means. Very interesting how this plays through in this way.


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